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A SHOJ Mod? On Itch.io? How convenient!

You are the dev of a rather silly SJSM Modification. Play-testing it was the least of your problems. It seemed a bit unfinished, almost as if the sounds weren't changed, bittersweet but fitting, according to you.

Was it made for satire purposes? For serious business? Nobody knows. Not even you.

You are greeted by Spooky, your guide to the 1000th room. You should always listen to her...

Your objective is to go through 1000 rooms without dying. You will sometimes be greeted by some of MockingVoid.flac and his crew's little scares! Try not to end up dead in the hospital from heart disease.

The Void Memers (Specimen 1): Sometimes their popups can show up, causing a loud noise to play. Don't get distracted by their jumpscares.

Springbonnie (Specimen 2): The ink puddles on the floor will indicate If she's around. If there ARE ink puddles, run.

Mutant Matt (Specimen 3): The holes in the ceiling represent his presence, so it's best to evacuate.

Viktronic (Specimen 4): Once you hear him scream, run for all your breath.

Leadus (Specimen 5): When you see his face onscreen, don't stop running.

Baldi (Specimen 6): Just like The Merchant, Baldi is trial and error. Keep watching him, no matter what you do.

Bonnet + Specimen 7:

Bonnet: Although while she is harmless, she appears in the same room you go into. Be wise about the doors.

Specimen 7: That damn thing will chase after you like you forgot your happy meal. Go as fast as you can!

Mr. 21 (Specimen 8): He will convince you to join his little puppet show while he's chasing you, keep on running.

Specimen 9: TAKE_TO_THE_DEAD

Failed Experiment Corey (Specimen 10): He appears when he feels like it. When he stops by, run like hell. let him follow you.

Ronald McDonald (Specimen 11): He will chase you after you are in dead meat...(sometimes) literally. Get out while you even can.

Ghosti (Specimen 12 Host): When he's about to arrive, your choices are to run or hide. Oh yeah, death's also an option.

Siren BB (Specimen 13): When she chases you through the water, jump onto a crate.

Baldi's Basics: @mystman12

FNIA: Mairusu Paua

Viktor's Advanced Education: mrdrnose

DHMIM Series + Sagas: RemixerBlogRebooted5

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StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
PublisherGhost Macabre
AuthorBTMM Stinks Studios
Made withBlender, GameMaker: Studio, Adobe Photoshop
TagsHorror, Singleplayer, Spooky


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